Natural Disasters
In the wake of the storm, your mission critical statements are running "Business as usual," with the FlexDigital Disaster Recovery Plan.

You don’t know when a tornado, fire, or flood will hit, or when an internal breach may close down operations, or when your trusted vendor will shut down without notice. Know this - It's happening more often in a tough economy, with unpredictable weather, and increases in identity theft.

To thrive in this environment, your business needs to be protected against the elements. Should catastrophe strike, the security of your customers’ financial interests must be maintained. With FlexDigital’s Disaster Recovery Program, your business will continue to move forward, even if your building has crumbled. We specialize in disaster contingency for companies with correspondence needs. For statement processing and compositions utilizing sensitive data, FlexDigital will help your business weather the storm and continue to thrive once the storm is over.

Prepare for the worst with the best in disaster recovery – FlexDigital.

Disaster Recovery

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Reliable protection in an ever-changing world.


Terrorist Attacks
World Trade Center & Pentagon; September 2001

Japan Tsunami
Earthquake and Tsunami
March 11, 2011

Storms & Flooding
Alabama/Southeast Tornados
April 27, 2011

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